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Embracing Self Love

with Suzanna

29th October to 2nd November 2023

It is up to you to heal! A deep immersion in the native wilderness of southern Portugal. A retreat for those who want to give more sense to their lives, increase their awareness, willpower and personal responsibility, understanding how to activate their inner self-healing forces. 


A retreat with a maximum of 11 participants, focusing on self-love as the only authentic resource for a sustainable process of healing and personal evolution. Susana has worked for many years as a facilitator of Kundalini yoga retreats, Somatic Breathwork for the release of stress and unintegrated emotions, meditation and sound healing with various harmonic healing tools. 


Susana was born and raised in Portugal but has travelled through many countries in Europe, including Italy and Switzerland where she has been living since 2006. Retreat main language: Italian (some English or Portuguese possible if requested)



- Kundalini Yoga

- Meditation/Mindfulness

- Sound Healing 

- Somatic Breathwork for emotional release 

- Perception tools for mind clarity

- Local vegetarian food

- Hot baths outside (hotpot)

- Chanting around the fire

- Excursion to the beach

- Sauna


Investment: from € 846.-


Details and information here:


About Susana Tavares:

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