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Our Invitation

Bem Vindo a Essência

Conscious Community & Agriturismo


Come back to yourself, nestled in nature, amongst the peace and beauty

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From conscious tango to contact improvisation and more in a gorgeous yoga shala & event space

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Self Discovery Journeys...

Supported in a serene natural environment in the heart of the Algarve

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Our Invitation

We invite you to live peacefully in nature


Have time and space to take care of ourselves, practice our passions, grow our talents,

enter our full potential, share our gifts, raise our frequency, at our rhythms.

We enjoy this time on earth, just being with ourselves, with our family and friends.

We serve the new paradigm.

We take ownership of our lives and co-create our reality.


We live off grid, in a healthy, low tech environment.

We grow our own organic food.

We share our knowledge with humility and joy


Being together in nature, laughing, singing and dancing is the essence of a natural healthy happy lifestyle.


Do you resonate?

Are you ready to evolve?

Would you like to celebrate life together?

Come and play with us!

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Essencia Familiar

We felt the call

To co-create a new safe and sacred space

We flowed south to the magnificent coasts of Portugal

Where the Earth is rich and peaceful 

The Ocean heart-opening and cleansing

The Sun steady and embracing

The Air clean and rejuvenating

The People slow and sweet

Where conscious folks are gathering

And new paradigm communities blooming

Our steps were to a land called Essencia 



Meet the Essencia Family...

About us
Our Intention

Our Intention

Golden Agreements

for harmony & peace is how we cultivate a healing environment


Radical Honesty

fluid sincere communication between people is encouraged as an essential part of the healing and self realisation process, everything can be said....


Benevolent Communication the right manner 

High on Life

0 substance, good practices, ecstatic life with gratitude we aim for our optimal health and full potential



for peace and harmony within and without we celebrate consciously

no harming, pro-life behaviours and materials

we grow, support and eat organic plant based foods as medicine


Glorify your Space

You are here and now. make it sacred, beautiful and cosy


Radical Self Expression

We encourage each other in being what we are, authentic, vulnerable and great.


The Heart Path 

I choose LOVE at every breath



I take responsibility for my talking, acting, emotions, thoughts, commitment,

I know I co-create my reality. I am doing the work on all levels








is why we show up!

We believe in slow conscious life in nature 

For us and our children to blossom

To restore peace, live in harmony, natural bliss and loving kindness



is where we want to be!

A world of unity

Remembrance and reliance 

A holy nest where people share, sing, dance and laugh

Where we live our optimal health, experience our full potential and paradise on earth



is what we do about it!

Create a safe, heart-aligned and sacred spaces in nature

where we can purify, regenerate and grow joyfully 

An experience designed to enable integrity and consciousness expansion.

From self-responsibility and mastery to freedom 

A place with activities and a supportive environment

to discover and become who i am 

Come in my power and fulfil of my personal mission on earth

For my highest good and the highest good of all

We develop an eco community with 22 residents plus guests who come to rest, heal, learn and love

Essencia Tree Logo.png
Essencia Tree Logo.png

Essencia Experience

Essencia Experience
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