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Sound Healing &Yoga Retreat in Aljezur, Portugal

From 25th September until 2nd October 2022


Playfight - Retreat in Aljezur, Portugal

From 13th to 16th October 2022 - Immersion
From 16th to 19th October 2022 - Teacher training


Do you love embodiment, emotional awareness and conscious relating? If yes get ready to be surprised because this event will nurture and enrich you in ways you don't expect.Imagine bringing together Wild Play, Conscious Fighting, and Healing Work. Unusual yet very powerful mix! Let's dive into it:

13-16 of October: PLAYFIGHT IMMERSION.
A 4-day residential event to rediscover your primal power, meet your tribe and connect with others as conscious and peaceful warriors. A space to experience an unfiltered connection with yourself, your body and the patterns that rule your behaviour.
A 4-day residential event to learn the art of Playfight facilitation and get empowered to offer Playfight on a professional level. An opportunity to learn to manage groups in challenging situations and to support each individual to shine.


The most primal, untainted, and pure way to interact among human beings.
An honest mirror of the way we deal with life, with challenges and in our relationships.
An opportunity to observe patterns, and to move consciously beyond them.
Playfight it's not a martial art, not about winning or losing and it's not about fighting techniques. It transcends all of this and goes to the very core. Who am I, and how do I relate to the other.

Just two humans, surrounded by the safety belt of a circle of peers, that encounter each other using strength, respect, and care for themselves and the other.
A way to learn to fight for something instead of against something.
A way to reconnect with your childlike, and innocent feelings.
A way to meet other humans and build strong bondings, and mutual support.

This lineage of bodywork developed by Matteo Tangi is a unique body practice aimed to know more about ourselves, our strengths, our inner power and how to use it consciously in relationships with others. Discover the beauty of connecting with yourself and others in the most authentic, basic and wonderfully human way!


This event is perfect for anyone, of any physical shape, gender, age or whatsoever. The only requirement is to have the wish to discover more about yourself and to explore this unique language of relating.


Immersed in the wonderful nature of the South West of Algarve, 15 minutes from the stunning cliffs of the pristine Vicentine cost, we'll be hosted in the wonderful Essencia Nature Retreat centre
(, where multiple kinds of accommodations will suit any wish
Moreover, our delicious vegan and organic meals, the hot tub, massages, and a beautiful little lake will nurture our bodies and souls.




Telegram: @PF_Aljezur

NEW YEAR - Movement retreat - 5RHYTHMS® WAVES, Elemental explorations

From 27th December 2022 to 1st January 2023

Dear dancers


This is an invitation to a time of integration of the year and a time to open the new perspectives of the new year. A time to digest and transform, to reunite and celebrate, to gather and take a priviliged time for oneself.

We will dive deeper into our practice of the 5Rhythms thought specific explorations of the 5Rhythms map of Gabrielle Roth in connection with the elements and the amazing nature sites that surrounds us there.


We will have 2 sessions per day of 2,5 hours of dance, moving meditation and sensorial explorations.
Our sites are the wooden dance studio, the garden and forest and the sand, rocks and waves of the wild beaches.
Our sessions will be in live music and mix music.
We will also have time to relax, witness Sunrise and/or Sunset and enjoy walks in beautiful Nature.



We start the Dec 27th at 4 pm, you are welcome to arrive form the 27th early afternoon.

We finish at 2pm Jan 1st, you are welcome to stay one or more extra nights

Prices are establish for an arrival from Dec 27th afternoon to Jan 1st 2 pm.

5 nights with full board meals.

More information & booking:

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Yoga   Meditation Retreat


Céline      Joséphine




1-5 October


Our Invitation

We invite you to live peacefully in nature


Have time and space to take care of ourselves, practice our passions, grow our talents,

enter our full potential, share our gifts, raise our frequency, at our rhythms.

We enjoy this time on earth, just being with ourselves, with our family and friends.

We serve the new paradigm.

We take ownership of our lives and co-create our reality.


We live off grid, in a healthy, low tech environment.

We grow our own organic food.

We share our knowledge with humility and joy


Being together in nature, laughing, singing and dancing is the essence of a natural healthy happy lifestyle.


Do you resonate?

Are you ready to evolve?

Would you like to celebrate life together?

Come and play with us!

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