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Essencia Familia

Sharing the dream 

Living in harmony with nature and each other

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Simona & Antoine

A well traveled social educator, institutional clown and holistic therapist, she offers polarity therapy sessions, nutrition coaching, conscious pregnancy doula Tao tantric arts workshops,

with a strong experience in women’s work, Aroma Yoga courses and teacher training She has been instrumental in several projects successes as non violent communication group

facilitator She holds sacred chanting circles and spread the love through Radio Good Vibrations

Antoine is passionate hospitality professional with over 15 years of international experience and 8 businesses design, financing, launches and promotion. He has managed complex events, F&B and

communication operations He now serves as positive impact entrepreneur. Experience architect consultant Full potentiel life+business coach

Co-founder & captain Namaka Float Space 

She speaks German , French, English and Spanish.  He speaks French, English, some Spanish and German and together we're learning Portuguese 


Co-founders & Guardians of NomadShala & Healing Heart Festival



Medicine woman,  guided by ancestral wisdoms, love and the spiritual world.

Lover of life, of the sun ,happy to live in communion with animals, nature, friends.


Trained in tourism, PR, and ultimately in education.

I define myself today as an artist of pedagogy, my love for children aspires me to create sacred learning spaces.

Mediumnity, meditation, yoga, shamanism are part of my daily life. I'm also an Animal interpreter and a yoga-doula.

Facilitator for sacred space, I play different music instruments and sing medicine, spiritual and intuitive-inspired singing.

I will be happy to share and pass on my gifts during individual care or retreats at Essencia.

Fournier Family

It’s a great pleasure for me to introduce our sweet family: I am Vincent, my beloved wife Amélie and I have 3 lovely daughters, Lucie (6yrs old) Laura (3yrs old), and Alice (6mths old).

I gotta admit it’s kind of tough to “summarize” our family in few lines..! Let’s give it a try :

We like to consider ourselves simple humans, world travelers, all-kind-of- experiences oriented, enjoyers of nature (when possible...). As a child I had the chance to live most of my life abroad, gifting me with this profound desire of discovery. On her side, Amélie had a carefree childhood in Martinique, family-centered and away from consumer society. She is patient, positive, driven by the need to maintain harmony around her, while on my side I am thoughtful, fueled by passion, living 100%.

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