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Self Discovery Journeys

Explore, Learn, Heal, Grow, Blossom...
...Evolve with us

  1. Choose your Intentional Package

  2. Choose your Accomodation


All our programs include

Morning Meditation, Breathwork, QiGong & Yoga

Regular chanting and dancing

Your personal Human Design reading

Enjoy our wild beaches 

borrow our kayak, paddle, surf and bodyboards 

Regular Sauna at sunset

, Swim in our natural pond and melt in a warm jacuzzi at night under the stars


You have the possibility to contribute to the community life

with some permaculture gardening and eco construction activities


Choose from our intentional packages below

For more information and to book your journey


please Contact Simona

+41 76 206 20 77


on WhatsApp or Telegram


Rest, Detox & Regenerate

A body cleanse & nutrition upgrade. 

A rejuvenating multi-dimensional cure,  for the body mind and spirit.


1 Cure preparation phone session 

1 Session of nutrition coaching 

1 Polarity Theraopy 2h session

1 Bodywork or Massage (various choice)

444€ per week

Are you ready to Rise & Shine?

Pranic Lifestyle Initiation

You want to experiment the bliss of Living on Light ?

Daily Pranic Luscious Lifestyle tools

and breathwork initiations


3 sessions per week

of Polarity bodywork

or Sacred Sexuality coaching

or Massage


€1777 for 4 weeks 


Tantric Couple

Experience deep connection on all levels with your partner.

A fresh start for your old or new couple for a nourishing and multi-orgasmic life 

2 individual sessions each of Polarity bodywork 

5 private workshops in couple of tantra 

2 sessions on communication tools

healing rituals

1444€ for two for two weeks


(LGBT friendly)

You are a great team 

Free from Addictions

Let go of unnecessary harming habits with a loving supportive team and activities in Nature. Feel great. Feel free. 

18 sessions, 4 weeks

life coaching 

 sport or nutritional coaching,

breathwork, energy healing or bodywork, massage per day specifically adapted to your needs


Woman Walking in the Field

Women Healing Temple

You are ready to open your wings

and heart to be the authentic

and powerful woman that you are !

3 session of Polarity bodywork 

2 private session of tantra

1 Art of Self-Love session

2 personal project coaching


2 weeks

Conscious Entrepreneur

An inspiring place to give birth to your idea, book, website, business plan or positive impact projects.

Daily morning practices 

3 individual project coaching 

1 Nutrition coaching for optimal performance 

1 Bodywork for energy alignment 

€555 per week

Typing on Laptop
Image by Jens Johnsson

Would you like to spend your holidays in a meaningful way?


Deepen your Connection with Nature, with yourself and your family through activities around permaculture gardening, eco-constructions, fun outdoor sports and holy practices for body mind and souls such as meditation, yoga, singing, dance and art.


2 sessions of applied permaculture 

perfect in family

2 sessions of inner ecology 

€444 per week



Fun Permaculture HolyDays

For more information an to book your journey

please contact Simona +41 76 206 20 77


on WhatsApp or Telegram


2. Choose your accommodation


room with private bathroom per night
Low season (Nov-April)           solo €55, duo €77, trio €99
high season (May-October)  solo €88, duo €99, trio€122



April to September

1 person €44 per night

2 person €77 per night

Wifi, Garden kitchen, Dry toilets, Shower and practice hall included 


15€ per night per person





Are you in Service of Consciousness

and looking for a healthy space in a joyful community to live and work from?

If you are providing your services in the region of Aljezur, in Essencia or online this might be the place you’ve been looking for!


Live in the forest in your luxurious glamping tent

with a king size bed

for 555 euros /month

and 20h of community service work per month.


You can use our shala and different spaces to give workshops and earn a revenue!

Open from Mid April to September.

One month minimum. 

Lightworkers Glamping Forest



You want to live in Nature and give birth to your artistic project from a healthy sober and sacred place with a rainbow of daily wellness and spiritual activities included ?

Live in the forest in your luxurious glamping tent with a king size bed for 555 euros /month and one art piece or concert or workshop offered to the community per month.

You can use our shala and different spaces to give workshops and earn a revenue.

Open from April to September.

One month minimum.

Sacred Artists Residency

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