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Reconnect to your essence with Patri

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Reaching Roots with Adriana and Francisco

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4th December 2022


What is the activation of the kundalini energy?

It is feeling completely, it is surrendering to the experience, simply letting what has to happen happen, without trying to control, without expectations. It's letting laughter, scream, crying, pain, joy, fullness, love flow. It is taking out everything that you inside needs to release. It is giving you space and time for you.

As a facilitator, what is my purpose?

My only job is to create a favorable space and environment, to be a guide.

Make you feel held make you feel at home.

Have my ears ready to listen to you and my hands open, to give you what you need.

Duration 2H

Contribution 50 euros

Reservation +34 630614511


Kundalini Energy


26th, 27th, 28th Oct 2022


Dear dancing friends, 

We joyfully invite you to REACHING ROOTS: an event to honor & celebrate the practice of Contact Improvisation as a global phenomenon. 

... for whom?

Everyone is welcome! The wish is further expand the comunity here in Southwest Algarve by coming together and welcoming new friends into the dance.

... what to expect?

and of course... JAMMIN'

option to join full program or individual sessions


Contact Improvisation


Enjoy Music with Sam Garret and Roaman

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9th Sept 2022

Essencia family is happy to welcome

Sam Garrett & Roaman for a live performance

''Greetings family, we are so happy to announce that we will be sharing together again but this time in Portugal! 

Roaman will open the evening with a set of his heart opening and inspiring songs and then Sam will close the evening with a set of his own and expect a couple of songs together too ;)

Music starts at 5pm. Please arrive at 4:30pm so we can be settled and ready to enjoy the music together. 

‘please try and ride share to save on space for parking’

Much love and we look forward to seeing you soon'' 



 Shall you need a place to stay onsite, don't hesitate to contact us via email

Live Concert

Dance with Johanna

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Conscious Tango.jpg

In Tango Argentino, I love the subtle communication that enables us to move together in great harmony. In my workshops everybody learns to dance both roles, leading and following.

Beginners and experienced dancers welcome.


6-8 PM

2022 Dates:


Conscious Tango

Meditate with Clelia

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I invite you to a special sacred time to explore your inner word, transforming or healing what is needed, developing or fine-tuning connections with your soul, heart and/spirit guides.


Each workshop will be unique. We will alternate different types of meditations, shamanic journeys, sharing circle, breathwork, tarot reading. I am a medium, angels and guides channel; facilitator for sacred spaces. Meditation is part of my daily life since more then 20 years.

Every 1st Monday of the Month 

 5-8 pm

2022 Dates:

7th March

4th April

2nd May

6th June

4th July



Move with Grace

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Contact improvisation is an improvised dance based on shared weight in contact with ourselves, a partner or/and a group. I love its playfulness and the infinite possibilities that it provides to us in terms of movement, connection and expression. Every workshop will be about a specific topic.


6-8 PM

2022 Dates:


Contact Improvisation

Contact Improv.jpg
Hand Drums

Let’s sing 

& play music together !



7 -10 pm

2022 Dates:

26th March

29th April

21st May

Singing Circle

Sing with Clelia

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