Dance with Johanna

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In Tango Argentino, I love the subtle communication that enables us to move together in great harmony. In my workshops everybody learns to dance both roles, leading and following.

Beginners and experienced dancers welcome.


6-8 PM

2022 Dates:


Conscious Tango

Meditate with Clelia

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I invite you to a special sacred time to explore your inner word, transforming or healing what is needed, developing or fine-tuning connections with your soul, heart and/spirit guides.


Each workshop will be unique. We will alternate different types of meditations, shamanic journeys, sharing circle, breathwork, tarot reading. I am a medium, angels and guides channel; facilitator for sacred spaces. Meditation is part of my daily life since more then 20 years.

Every 1st Monday of the Month 

 5-8 pm

2022 Dates:

7th March

4th April

2nd May

6th June

4th July



Move with Grace

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Contact improvisation is an improvised dance based on shared weight in contact with ourselves, a partner or/and a group. I love its playfulness and the infinite possibilities that it provides to us in terms of movement, connection and expression. Every workshop will be about a specific topic.


6-8 PM

2022 Dates:


Contact Improvisation

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Hand Drums

Let’s sing 

& play music together !



7 -10 pm

2022 Dates:

26th March

29th April

21st May

Singing Circle

Sing with Clelia

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