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Embracing the darkness and the light
Loloma Retreat

From 8th until 11th February 2024

The Loloma Retreat unifies different tools for inner healing and transformation in a group setting, combined with ecstatic dance and sound journeys.

We will address the raw energies of body and mind, via somatic methods, and in circles of authentic relating games. Old pains and stuck emotions can be addressed and transmuted, when the body feels safe and when there is the right support in letting go. The way out is through! in three words: Evolution, liberation, authenticity.

At the core of the retreats are four aspects:

  1. somatic practices to experience, identify, access and release stuck emotional energies (often associated with trauma and core limiting beliefs), to resource our immense creative potential

  2. authentic relating games and practices to get access to our masks and blind spots in a playful way, with care, connection, curiosity and compassion. 

  3. meditation and sound bath

  4. celebration, getting wild with ecstatic dance, and creating ceremonies of renewal

490€ per person 

delicious vegan food and shared rooms included in the price


Notre équipe

Capture d’écran 2023-11-15 à 09.44.24.png
  • Je’he Ulrich supports people in connecting with deeper emotions and to resolve  trauma and unresolved inner conflicts. In groups he works with transformational breathwork journeys and authentic relating games.

  • Cleolenzea Rose has a deep connection with the movements and flow states of the body in relation to emotions and somatic release. She is a yoga teacher,  craniosacral bodyworker and sound healer.

  • Momo’s expertise is to make people dance in their free expression, and uses sound to bring people into blissful states. He also enjoys to guide ceremonies, i.e. with the medicine of cacao. He will be conducting the ecstatic dance.

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