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Embracing the darkness and the light
Loloma Retreat

From 18th until 21th April 2024

Dive in, let go and thrive 

a Shadow Work and Somatics Retreat

18-21 April 2024 Aljezur, Portugal

…and see yourself flowering


In the Loloma 4-day retreat we create a magical and profound time together, where we explore the uncharted waters inside ourselves.


Exploring shadows, sensitizing ourselves to the subtleties of the unseen persona, unmasking, oscillating in metamorphosis.


Meandering back into the ocean of true Self through Soul Dance, Authentic Expression, Transformational Breathwork, Somato Emotional Release, and Yoga.


Creative actions, as well as sound baths and ceremony time is how we end the days for sweet integration.

Contribution: 490€

shared room and vegan meals included in the price


Register here:


We are excited for a transformational group experience!


Lenzea Rose & Je’he Ulrich


Join us for the first day!

We welcome you to join for the first day of our Loloma Retreat, for a somatic journey!

The somatic journey will be a body-centered approach to dealing with our mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, while supporting honesty and emotional safety. The goal is to explore and experience oneself differently, hence naturally accessing parts within that are normally disregarded or unseen. Come and join us for the ride, in a wonderful atmosphere at the beautiful Essencia Nature Retreat.

18 April 2024 15:00 - 21:00

Yummy vegan dinner included

55-88€ sliding scale

Notre équipe

PHOTO-2024-02-12-20-02-35 2.jpg
  • Je’he Ulrich supports people in connecting with deeper emotions and to resolve  trauma and unresolved inner conflicts. In groups he works with transformational breathwork journeys and authentic relating games.

  • Cleolenzea Rose has a deep connection with the movements and flow states of the body in relation to emotions and somatic release. She is a yoga teacher,  craniosacral bodyworker and sound healer.

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