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Live to Love

from 19th to 27th October 2024 

A week of tantra in couple

to deepen intimacy,  complicity and vitality

How wonder-full to take some time 

for your precious relationship

to (re)discover oneself and each other

have fun

feel alive 


Give yourself space

for your Sacred Sexuality to evolve

and blossom


7 full days, 7 chakras, 7 keys

for a Multi-Orgasmic & sExtatic Life  !




Non engaging exercices are shared in group

to develop the key concepts 


Then some "homework" with more intimate

versions of the exercices are shared

for the couple to explore in the afternoon in your quarters



Some Elements of the Program

Prepare and tune

 the Bodies, the Minds and the Spririt 

Some yoga, danse,

qigong, guided meditation,

Lot of sounding, shaking, and breath work,

A few sweet rituals

sprinkled with some communication

and conscious touch exercices 

Some theory aspects with tantric practical tools 

specific for each day activation 



The afternoon is some time to practice 

in couple

And also go to the wild beach

swim naked in the Atlantic

Feeling Alive,


and Laughing


In the evening 

Another exploration, 

A Sauna or jacuzzi under the stars

Singing and sharing around the camp fire


All of this is a pristine Nature eco-lodge

with Delicious High Vitality food 


We have a little Forest School on the land

so there is an option for child care during the day

Limited space 

Little quality group between 3 and 7 couples



100€ per night with double bed and private bathroom

Organic Food 

44€ pp per day par jour for 3 meals pour 3 repas

Extra Juice & Smoothie bio : 11€ for  0.7L bottles

Special detox and vitality cure

You can change any meal by a 0.7L juice.

Lightness and empty digestive track is one of the key for optimum sexual energy circulation.

We recommend to change at least one meal a day for a juice. Try it ! Orgasmic waves are far better than any meals ;) 

5 days of activities and daily practices

choose your conscious contribution

per couple

Social 440€

Normal 660€

Abundant 880€

To book your place, contact Simona

email :

WhatsApp or Telegram : +41 76 206 20 77

We believe that money should never be the issue that refrain one presence to our events, the self healing and blooming

Contact us to find solutions, payment later, in multiple times or an exchange with one of your talents we might need. 

We are looking forward 

We draw on 15 years of practical studies with different "white and red" tantric current.


Mainly Tao Tantric Art with Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos, Mantak Chia as well as Neo Tantra from Osho and SkyDancing with Margaux Anand, Laurent & Laurence,


Slow Sex by Diana Richardson, traditional Yoga, Polarity therapy, various modalities of touch, conscious dance, and caring communication.


For over 10 years Simona has accompanied dozens of individuals and couples on their journey of healing and fulfillment, mainly on the sexual level.


Since meeting Antoine 6 years ago, they have lived a tantric relationship and explored together with Joy, "Tantra as a healing art and spiritual path", which brings them a lot of energy, creativity and faith.


We are eternal students,

who we are still learning every day.

We practice and continue to train.

We do not hold the only Truth.

We create a safe and sacred space research and practice.


We make proposals and you are free to take, try and keep what suits you. ​


An excellent preparation for the retreat is Simona's online course on

We are offering 22% off this course to those who have registered for the retreat :)

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